Poet Vs Pageant

Miss Congeniality meets Roald Dahl in this rollicking adventure full of blood, sweat and tans.

What will happen when an awkward outsider dives head first into the perilous seas of a beauty pageant? Be transported by a tale about outer change and its inner cost, told in epic poetic style. With added sequins.

In the prime of Ancient Greece there was Homer’s 'Odyssey', in the swell of the Regency age there was Lord Byron’s 'Don Juan', and now, amidst the up-chuck of the reality-TV era, comes 'Poet Vs Pageant' - a must-see show for lovers of emotional, intelligent, tongue-in-cheek performance.

Performed at:

2018 NZ Fringe, Wellington

2017 Brisbane Poetry Festival

2017 St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival

2017 Castlemaine State Festival

2016 Adelaide Fringe

2015 Melbourne Fringe

Huge thanks to the best support crew a poet could hope for - Mark Pritchard, John Kachoyan, Perri Cummings, Matt Kelly, Andrew Callaghan, Cameron Powell and Sharon Nevile.