For Whom The Bell Tolls

High school - come relive the glory and the gore...

They say evolution has come a long way since the dawn of mankind, but in the difficult-to-navigate confines of high school, survival of the fittest still reigns supreme.  For Poet Laureate Telia Nevile, the halls of learning were full of pitfalls and peaks, secret poetry and public scorn.  Come relive the glory and the gore, the awe and the awfulness.

Poems include "Losing My Virgilinity (Or How I Let Poetry Have Its Way With Me)", "You Can Ring My Belljar", "If You Can't Handle the Heat, Get Out of the Tuckshop" and the brand-new larger-than-life rap that is "Revenge of the Words".

2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
(Presented by Sanzville Productions)
2011 Adelaide Fringe
(Presented by randompanda)
2010 Melbourne Fringe
2010 Village Festival - Edinburgh Gardens

Lou Sanz - A director of amazing nuance and grace who puts the punch in poetry, and one half of Sanzville Productions who took wonderful care of me during the 2011 MICF.
Kel McConville - The other half of Sanzville Productions - a golden girl.
Belle Hammond - Adelaide Producer extra-ordinaire and all round sweetness incarnate.
Steph Brotchie - Production & publicity advice and assistance, outside eye and all-round rockstar!
Thomas Butt/DJ Lazer Ferrari - Sound designer extraordinaire and the sonnet beneath my wings.
These guys are superb and I can't say enough nice things are them, so I'll keep it simple and just say thankyou so very very very much!