Previous Productions

Last Drinks

PictureCreated by Telia Nevile with performers Bron Batten, Tina Evans, Matt Kelly, Heath Miller and Alice Palermo.

Winner - Best Comedy Writing, 2008 Short + Sweet
Last Drinks utilises choreographed movement loops and layers of isolated vocal elements to play with the point where behaviour and interaction become human percussion.

"The clever irony in this piece is that the more words are spoken the less they are needed, forcing us to consider their importance in communication." The Age


PictureCreated and performed by Telia Nevile with Kate Sumner (2007) and Emily Amisano (2008)

Zoetrope is a whirlwind live performance that will have you twisting and turning to keep up.  Part mechanism, part flesh and blood, this short physical theatre piece puts you right in the centre of a living, breathing amusement arcade machine.  Fleeting, fanciful, bizarre and banal, Zoetrope will have you twisting and turning to keep up.
Performed as part of La Mama's 2007 Explorations Season and the 2008 Melbourne Fringe

Penny Machinations

PictureCreated by Telia Nevile and Matt Kelly.

Performed by Telia Nevile, Matt Kelly, Bron Batten, Richard Higgins, Eva Johansen, Miles O'Neil, Glen Walton, Joseph O'Farrell, Belinda Bortone, Kate Sumner, Sharni Page, Toby Newton, Kath Papas and many more.

Penny Machinations was formed by Telia Nevile and Matt Kelly in 2004, and premiered with a five-booth pay-per-view arcade of performance experiments as part of La Mama's 2004 Explorations Season.  Having received critical and audience acclaim, interior theatre remounted Penny Machinations during the 2005 Melbourne Fringe will all new content and was awarded Outstanding Special Event 2005 for its sell-out season in the Fringe Club.  Since then the company has performed to audiences ranging from small children to music festival goers at festivals such as the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (2009), the Chookahs Children's Festival (2008), the Melbourne Fringe (2006), the Falls Festival (2007 & 2006) and many many more.

"Other highlights of the [Fringe] festival club include the delightful Penny Machinations, a series of brief, deft theatrical delights.  It's an excellent way to pass the time while waiting for your next show to start, and great entertainment in its own right...all of these micro-dramas come highly recommended." Beat Magazine

"The confrontation with actors in an unknown setting created a wonderful thrill of fear.  Penny Machinations, developed by Telia Nevile and Matt Kelly, turned out to be a fertile and highly entertaining experience." RealTime infinitum

Created and performed by Telia Nevile with Matt Kelly

Singing by Eva Johansen

Set to live performances of golden oldie love songs, infinitum is built to resemble an old penny arcade machine, with two dolls that stand ready to perform your choice of the Beginning, Middle or End of love's life cycle.  This is an occasionally malfunctioning, but unceasingly delightful movement piece containing cheesy romance, soul-satisfying cliche and Jerry Springer finales.

Originally performed in foyers around Melbourne during the 2002 Melbourne Fringe, infinitum has since gone on to be part of the Penny Machinations repertoire.

Somewhere Along the Way

Created by Telia Nevile with performers Clare Reynolds and Matt Kelly

Original music by Paul Kotz

We lose people and things all the time, every day, but sometimes it takes days, weeks or even years to notice...other times you know the feeling's gone even though they're sitting right there beside you.

You always thought they would be there, you never thought this feeling would end, you can't imagine life any other way...  When you realise it has ended, where to from here?  Do you want it all back?  Will you fight for it?  Or has the feeling evaporated and all that's left is a gap?

Somewhere Along the Way is a 40-minute devised piece using movement, text, images and sound to explore those moments of clarity we have when one chapter closes and another opens.

Originally performed at La Mama in 2003, Somewhere Along the Way was re-mounted in 2004 at The Street Theatre in Canberra with the help of an artsACT grant.

"If Telia Nevile had a room to house her artform, it would be a modest quarter crammed with a thousand tiny boxes, each a seed of intriguing potential.  Nevile is expert at constructing a sequence of moments that illuminate a particular theme." Melbourne Times

Linger...just one more

Created by Telia Nevile with performers Kath Papas, Scott Gooding and Louise Thorpe

Original music and live percussion by Paul Kotz

A heartbeat, a water drop, your own breath in your ears...time stretches in between one beat and another.  When you linger, you stand still instead of moving, hold back the future by stepping back from the present.

The last moments of a relationship, the last dregs of a party and the final rays of a setting sun unfold in this 30-minute theatre piece of slow, tingling rhythms and vein-bursting builds of tension.  In the time between the swings of the pendulum, the compulsive movements of passing minutes disappear.  Notch after notch the crank tightens.

Utilising text, gestural movement, rhythm and sound, Linger...just one more is a collage of experiences and images exploring those private moments of inertia that happen at the best and worst times of our lives.

Originally performed as part of La Mama's 2002 season.

"Fun and engaging, its non heavy-handed approach managed to stir some substantial themes.  Nevile's aesthetic agenda is best described as casting light on the invisible parts of human nature.  Imagine throwing paint randomly in the air only to discover an invisible sculpture there all along, now staring back at you demanding attention.  Her sensitivity to the rhythms of the artform - combining theatre, dance and text - is spot-on."  Melbourne Times