Ten Bits of Melbourne Than Turn Me On

10 Bits of Melbourne That Turn Me On (and that I’ll ache for if they ever disappear)

Part of Love/City 2014 - a one-night-only group exhibition curated by Arie Rain Glorie

As lovers we become entranced by the little things, like the line of moles down someone’s cheek, the way their belly hair swirls in a particular direction, the curve of their side from rib to hip as they lie in bed next to us. As city-dwellers we can become equally entranced by the little, architectural things we see every day. The lift doors inside an old building, the industrial grating that filters the late afternoon light just so, the overhead lights in a train station. We find these tiny sources of joy over time, just as we learn a lover’s body. They bring a sense of comfort and familiarity – they make the city ‘ours’.

These solid, tangible objects and their decayed, imperfect images echo the physicality and temporality of the city I love, and highlight the fact that it won’t be around forever.