Untitled No. 7

The Brothers Grimm meets the B52s in this thoroughly modern fairy-tale about the curse of potential and the holy grail of success.

Have you ever felt like a failure? Or wondered what success actually is and who even defined it in the first place?

Join our heroine Darling, along with the pixies Doubt and Fear, for a playful, heartbreaking and infinitely relatable journey through the dreams and realities of life. Poetry, punk, cabaret, storytelling and interpretive dance.

Written and performed by: Telia Nevile

Dramaturgy by: Ash Flanders

Composition by: Andrew Callaghan

Generously supported by Craig Semple, Rosemary Walls & Pinky Watson, as part of ShowSupport.

Extra special thanks to Perri Cummings, Cameron Powell, James Welsby, Gabi Barton & Abbie King.

Performed at:

2019 Toronto Fringe

2018 Melbourne Fringe