Untitled No. 7

Next at:
2020 Fringe at the Edge of the World
Friday Jan 10 & Sunday Jan 12
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Full of pop culture poetry, punk rage and a healthy dose of interpretive dance, this multi-award-nominated solo performance will make you laugh, let you cry, and encourage you to tell Disney where to stick his happy endings.

Untitled No. 7 combines storytelling, cabaret and spoken word, in a fiercely alive and honestly heartbreaking exploration of success, happiness, and the dreams and realities of being an adult.

Written and performed by: Telia Nevile
Dramaturgy by: Ash Flanders
Composition by: Andrew Callaghan

Generously supported by Craig Semple, Rosemary Walls & Pinky Watson, as part of ShowSupport.

Extra special thanks to Perri Cummings, Cameron Powell, James Welsby, Gabi Barton & Abbie King.

Previously performed at:
2019 Toronto Fringe
2018 Melbourne Fringe